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The Hunger Games Logo


After being attacked by a hijacked (brainwashed) Peeta MellarkKatniss Everdeen recovers from her injuries in District 13. President Coin refuses to let Katniss go to the Capitol until they take District 2, so instead, she sends her to join the assault on the Capitol’s armory in District 2, the last district controlled by the Capitol. Although she is able to rally the rebels and convince District 2 to join the rebellion, she is shot by a civilian, but merely injured due to her bulletproof Mockingjay costume.

Johanna covers for Katniss while she sneaks onboard a helicopter on its way to the Capitol. Coin becomes aware of Katniss’ defiance but plays along. Katniss is recruited into the Star Squad, which includes Gale and a recently married Finnick. Peeta, who is still not fully recovered, joins them to appear in propaganda videos. Led by Boggs, the team makes their way to the Capitol, evading booby-trapped “pods” placed along the way with Boggs’ holographic map called the Holo. Boggs is fatally wounded by a pod and bestows the Holo to Katniss before dying. The squad accidentally trigger another pod, releasing a flood of lethal black tar, and Peeta momentarily succumbs to his conditioning and attacks Katniss, killing Mitchell in the process.

Katniss refuses to kill Peeta, but Gale states that he would kill him if needed. The group are then trapped in a building by Peacekeepers. The Leeg sisters stay behind as a distraction so the group can escape the building. The Peacekeepers destroy the building and the Capitol broadcasts a message announcing Katniss’ apparent death, which is then interrupted by Coin who delivers an impassioned eulogy to rally the rebels. The team then travel in the sewers, but they are then ambushed by genetically engineered “mutts”, who kill several members of the group, including Finnick. Katniss uses the Holo to self-destruct and cause an explosion to kill the mutts. The team then escape the sewers and take shelter in a house owned by former Hunger Games stylist, Tigris.

Snow invites Capitol citizens to take shelter in his mansion, forming a human shield around the mansion. Katniss and Gale join the group of citizens in order to infiltrate the mansion, but during this attempt, the rebels finally arrive at the Capitol and engage in a gunfight with the Peacekeepers, with several Capitol citizens being caught in the crossfire. In the confusion, a hovercraft marked with Capitol insignia drops bombs into the crowd. When a group of medics, including Katniss’ sister, Prim, arrive to treat the wounded, the second wave of bombings occurs, killing Prim and knocking Katniss unconscious.

Katniss awakens, and Haymitch informs her the rebels have finally won the rebellion. Katniss confronts Snow, who is being held prisoner and is awaiting execution. He explains to Katniss that Coin staged the bombing to turn his followers against him and reminds Katniss of his promise to never lie to her. Katniss realizes Gale had suggested a similar strategy and is stunned when Gale cannot deny his part in Prim’s death.

Coin calls a meeting of the surviving Hunger Games victors, where she declares herself the interim President of Panem. She calls for a vote for a final, symbolic Hunger Games, but instead using the children of Capitol leaders as revenge. Katniss votes yes, under the condition that she can execute Snow. At Snow’s execution, Katniss kills Coin instead, which causes a riot of citizens to lynch and kill Snow. Peeta stops Katniss from committing suicide and she is arrested. In captivity, Haymitch brings Katniss a letter from Plutarch assuring she will be pardoned, there will be no “last Hunger Games”, and she will be able to return to District 12.

Returning home to District 12, Katniss finds Peeta, who has almost fully recovered from his conditioning. They receive a letter from Annie, Finnick’s wife, telling them that her and Finnick’s son has been born, Katniss’ mother is still treating survivors and Gale was promoted to Captain. Commander Paylor is formally elected the new President of Panem.

Years later, Katniss and Peeta play with their two children in a meadow. Their infant cries from a nightmare, and Katniss ponders that they will eventually learn her story and about her time in the Games; she muses to her baby that sometimes she plays a game wherein she imagines every good thing that she has ever seen anyone do. She says that the game gets a little tedious at times, but states that “There are much worse games to play.”

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