1. What is Kaymazon.com?

Kaymazon is the leading Local online store in the Cayman Islands. It is an online retailer and delivery service that enables anyone from anywhere in Cayman Islands to purchase different items/products through online from the best stores on the Island and have them delivered to their door step.

2. Why my card payment is failing?

Please double check your card detail and billing address to confirm all is correct. If above is correct please check with your local bank to confirm that there isn't a block on your card.

3. I need to sign up before buying any Offer/Product?

Yes, you will have to signup in order to be able to complete your purchase.

4. How do I create an kaymazon.com account?

On Kaymazon.com you can opening an account by selecting the signup button at the top of the home page. On Kaymazon you can also choose to become a vendor if you have product you would like to sell on kaymazon, simply by selecting Vendor membership link under vendor account at the top of the home page and choosing a plan. Once your application has been approved you will receive an email notification then your on your way to selling on kaymazon.

5. What type of products do you sell online?

Kaymazon sells all types of product from all the best stores on the Island. Just to name a few. Grocery products. Alcohol(you have to be over 18 years of age). Hardware. Crafts. Headphones. Cell Phones. Speakers. Camera's. Remote Control cars, Trucks, Drones & boats & a lot more.

6. Am I billed as soon as I join kaymazon.com?

No.Kaymazon does not charge you for becoming a regular member when you signup. Kaymazon does have an option for an existing member to upgrade to a Monthly plan with a 28 day trail period to sell as a vendor by allowing you to create your own store front with your personalized logo.

7. Is my info safe?

Your information is completely safe. Kaymazon does not share or sell your personal information. Kaymazon does not store any credit card detail, so no need to worry about that type of information being used other than with your purchases on Kaymazon.

8. What are the cost's for delivery

There is no delivery fee at this time. Kaymazon will only charge an 8% service fee on top of the cost of Groceries. The 8% service charge is only applied on Grocery items. Service charge does not apply to electronic items or Items from RC Hobby Store.