Creative and innovative ways to shop island wide online

We are an online grocery and essentials delivery service company that works with local stores island wide to deliver the best products to your door.
Our vision

We are Kaymazon

Our vision is to deliver a marketplace for a shopping experience that exceeds your expectations in online shopping island wide. We offer shopping and delivery of the best stores online in Grand Cayman. Our company’s belief is that the world is changing rapidly in these unprecedented times of COVID-19 and we are here to support and meet your grocery and essential shopping needs in one complete platform.
Kaymazon will completely change how you shop on island. How it works, simply place an order, Kaymazon’s full service Personal Shopper does all your shopping, and within a couple of hours (or time frame of your choice) your groceries and other home essentials will be delivered to your doorstep. It is the perfect solution for a busy lifestyle and the ever changing ways of our new normal.

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